LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc. is devoted to "Quality" and "Innovation"  in every detail, from concept to completion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explain your technology.

LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc.'s products are based upon the core technologies of reflective optics and precision beam alignment. This design features state-of-the-art optical performance over the 0 to 65 degree temperature range. In addition, LIGHTech updated its actuation device by removing the solenoid actuator and replacing it with a telecom approved relay actuator. The actuator improvement ensures long-term reliability and precise repeatability. LIGHTech's products are the perfect solution for today's telecommunications applications: Cable management, manufacturing test, add/drop, route diversity/disaster recovery, data networks and laboratory R&D. In addition, the design refinements to LIGHTech's products provide solutions for emerging telecommunications applications: Optical network management, optical networking systems and optical cross connects. In summary, LIGHTech's optical switching products parallel the application demands for the new millennium.

What products do you offer?

LIGHTech manufactures fiberoptic switches, collimators, variable optical attenuators, integrated optical components, and module systems, including 1xN switch systems, optical cross connects, and restoration switches.  Lightech's design engineering team is able to develop customized products to meet today's rapidly evolving technology requirements. 

How are your products used?

LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc. is a customer applications-driven company, with its products finding applications in disaster recovery-route diversity, test access and monitoring, WDM or optical add/drop, and other advanced optical networking applications.

Why should I buy LIGHTech products?

LIGHTech exploits its products' flexibility to effectively capitalize upon its key strengths: assured performance and reliability, quick delivery and competitive pricing.

Product Strength: Performance and Reliability Highlights

  • standard and custom components can be ordered with a multitude of options and configurations, offering optimum flexibility
  • quality telecom-approved parts are used for product assembly, ensuring high reliability
  • epoxy is not used to secure moving parts, ensuring excellent repeatability
  • products operate at temperatures between 0 to 65 degrees centigrade, beyond standard Telcordia 1073 test requirements
  • ISO 9001 certification program completed 11/99
  • Telcordia 1073 Compliant

Who are your customers?

LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc. ships products worldwide. Customers include major telecom equipment suppliers, optical systems manufacturers, as well as government agencies and research labs. Looking toward the future, LIGHTech is developing strategic relationships with key optical technology suppliers to exploit emerging network applications.

How can I request a quote?

Contact Sales:
Phone: 510-567-8503 or 510-567-8308
Fax: 510-567-8506

What is your standard delivery time?

LIGHTech remains competitive by quickly shipping standard products. We ship in days-weeks versus months.


The information set forth in this document reflects our best knowledge at the time of issue. The document is subject to changes pursuant to new developments and findings, and a similar reservation applies to the properties of the products described. We undertake no liability for results obtained by usage of our products and information. 10/2001

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