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LIGHTech in the News: Press Release Apr. 16, 2002

LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc. Debuts the SFP Diplexer

San Leandro, Calif., Apr. 16, 2002 -- LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic components, introduced the LT20 SFP Diplexer at OFC 2002.  The LT20 is designed to multiplex two wavelengths into a single fiber when used with industry standard SFP transceivers.

LIGHTech’s Small Form Factor, Pluggable Diplexer will multiplex/demultiplex 1310nm/1550nm broadband or narrow band wavelengths. The all-optical device delivers bit rate and protocol independent operation across a wide range of applications with low insertion loss of 0.8dB and crosstalk of -60dB.  The small form factor of 8.5x13x32mm makes the LT20 Diplexer an excellent, user-friendly, bandwidth independent product for interconnecting optical systems while reducing fiber requirements by fifty percent.

The LT20 Diplexer is designed to plug directly into SFP transceivers. In the plugged configuration it delivers excellent performance and reliability throughout the ?0 to +85°C. operating temperature range.

LIGHTech supplies fiberoptic switching products to major telecom and datacom systems providers and end-users in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. LIGHTech’s production facility in San Leandro, California (ISO 9001 certification completed 11/99) and its manufacturing partner in China ensure that stock components, integrated modules, and systems can be shipped to meet demanding specification, delivery and cost objectives. At the same time, a commitment to customer service goes beyond rapid delivery to advancing the state of the art in fiberoptic technology. LIGHTech stands ready and able to create special configurations, custom products, and integrated systems to enable customers to be successful.  For more information, please visit or email to


For More Information:

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The information set forth in this document reflects our best knowledge at the time of issue. The document is subject to changes pursuant to new developments and findings, and a similar reservation applies to the properties of the products described. We undertake no liability for results obtained by usage of our products and information. 10/2001

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