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LIGHTech in the News: Press Release Jun. 14, 2002

LIGHTech Fiberoptics, Inc. Launches Protection Module


San Leandro, Calif., Jun. 14, 2002 -- LIGHTech’s Protection Module is used to automatically switch input sources from a primary to a secondary source if the primary signal fails due to source or line failure. Signal loss sensitivity is offered over a broad range from ?0 dBm to ? dBm. Its passive design is independent of data transmission rate or format. Field-tested, fully automatic switching with a pre-selected signal drop threshold assures long-term system reliability and signal continuity.

LIGHTech’s Protection Module is capable of automatic optical switching less than 15ms. Real-time monitoring on both active and standby path links is included.

Because operation is independent of rate, format, and wavelength, LIGHTech protection module is a universal solution for all types of transmission equipment. At the transmit end, a 50:50 optical splitter divides the signal for transmission on primary and secondary paths. At the receive end, optical power levels on the primary and secondary paths are monitored and compared to a preset stored threshold. When the power level in the primary link drops below the threshold, traffic is automatically switched in less than 15 ms to the secondary link and warning indicator/messages are activated.

LIGHTech protection modules include LEDs for indicating the currently active link and the status of the optical power levels of the primary and secondary links.


Signal path protection for ATM, IP, and DWDM systems
Source or power equipment protection

LIGHTech supplies fiberoptic switching products to major telecom and datacom systems providers and end-users in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Our production facility in San Leandro, California (ISO 9001 certification completed 11/99) and our manufacturing partner in China ensure that we can ship stock components, integrated modules, and systems to meet demanding specification, delivery and cost objectives. At the same time, our commitment to customer service goes beyond rapid delivery to advancing the state of the art in fiberoptic technology. LIGHTech stands ready and able to create special configurations, custom products, and integrated systems to enable our customers to be successful.  For more information, please visit or email to


For More Information:

Telephone: 510-567-8700
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The information set forth in this document reflects our best knowledge at the time of issue. The document is subject to changes pursuant to new developments and findings, and a similar reservation applies to the properties of the products described. We undertake no liability for results obtained by usage of our products and information. 10/2001

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